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Our Educational Process | At the UEP, we take a unique and personalized approach in supporting our entrepreneurs. Our one-to-one coaching, comprehensive and customized educational plan, and real time data collection assists entrepreneurs at any stage of business development grow into thriving companies.



Step 1: INTAKE
• We’ll start by collecting demographic data about you and your business.
• We’ll also collect financial data on your business.
• Next, we’ll assess your business or business idea.
• Then, we’ll assign you a coach with expertise in your industry and your stage of business development.

(An important note: Data we collect during the intake phase will enable us to report later on the results and impact of our program. To protect your confidentiality, we store all client information in a secure database and use only combined data in our reports. No company’s information will ever be identified or reported individually.)

• Together, you and your coach will identify strengths and weaknesses of your business or business idea, as well as your own strengths and weaknesses as a business owner.

• Your coach will make specific suggestions relevant to your particular industry.
• If you own an existing business, your coach will analyze its financial statements.
• Your coach will suggest market opportunities that could help your business grow and become sustainable, that is, survive long-term.

• Finally, your coach will determine if your business fits our junior-level engagement or senior-level engagement process.

• Based on our assessment of your business or business idea, we’ll create a Personal Development Plan (PDP), customized to meet your specific needs.
• Your plan will detail steps you can take to help your business become profitable and sustainable.
• We’ll identify the expected results of each recommended step.
• We’ll also includes timelines for completing each step.

• Next, with the assistance of your coach, you will work through each recommended step of your PDP. Components in your plan may include:
    A series of educational workshops, including topics crucial to business success, such as:
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Feasibility
    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Marketing Plans
    • Business Plans
    • Operations
    • Implementation
    • Business Systems.

• One-to-one sessions with your business coach to help you complete the recommended steps of your PDP.
• Team coaching by several business coaches who will work with you and your management staff to help you complete the recommendations of your PDP. Each of our coaches is a high-level business expert, an entrepreneur or former entrepreneur, with a vast amount of knowledge about small businesses.

Step 5:  FOLLOW-UP
• After you have completed our program, your coach will contact you every 12 months to monitor your progress and gather additional data.

• Only combined data will appear in our reports. No company’s information will ever be identified or reported individually.